No, she doesn't like pink... In a nutshell, the girly-girl pink, no for her. What she likes is eating well and sharing a king's Feast, no... a Queen's. She's Shieldmaiden, challenges and battles don't frighten her. She likes working the land, she's a farmer, a wine grower, and a Lady Farmer. 

Willing to support young wine growers, Michel Chapoutier pushed her to live her dreams. It is thanks to her, and on the strength of his help, that her wines emerged. 



From Brittany where she grew up, between few stays in New-Caledonia where her artist mother is originally from, and few stays in Africa where her father was posted in the Navy. But Brittany was always their home-land, the base where they would come back to. She is the eldest of two sisters, one is teacher in history, the other one studies cooking.

It is during her business and sustainable development school in Lyon, that she followed her interest for Africa, she discovered the world of ecology and development through the respect of nature and land. Few experiences sprang from there, in waste recycling in South America, or education to environment in Asia - or a dead end in publicity for an automotive group (already in hybrid car). But finally, it is vines and wines that got her passionate.  



She starts the OIV master of science, that enabled her to visit around twenty countries in a year and above all to meet actors of the wine industry and to taste wine every day. An enriching experience, and the chance to shape a palate through multiple wines from different horizons, international or autochtone varieties.

Mindful to get a practical experience, she does harvest at the Chemin des Rêves with Benoît Viot in Languedoc.  First steps in a cellar, few incredible months learning from the passionate and patient Benoit, who was then a former marketing director of a big pharmaceutical group starting in the wine world. Then she travels to New Zealand, originally for 6 months, but she'd stay 6 years more. She starts with a part time job in the vineyard and in marketing for Clos Henri in Marlborough, owned by the Bourgeois family from Sancerre. Then she does harvest at Spy Valley, when Clos Henri calls her back to propose a sales manager role. We are in 2004, it is a dream opportunity for a young woman of 24 years old without any real experience in wine. It is with the Bourgeois family that she gets a foot into the door, and they teach her the work of wine sales. Few years of intense work follow, to help the family to build their estate in NZ, travels and jetlags, meeting with clients from around the globe. NZ is her new home-land. Always eager to learn, she'd take some holidays to do harvest at a friend in Italy, called Podere San Cristoforo in Maremma Toscana, a beautiful estate to become as it was then only the beginnings. She would also attend different courses during week-ends or holidays, about sommellerie or the WSET, to learn always more. Working in wine sales, talking and getting clients to discover wines, being part of a region that is building up its own wine history captures her. These 6 years goes in the blink of an eye. Then, she met a young belgian winemaker Arnaud, who suggested to go back to Europe. 10 months after, after turning the problem around, she finally decides to leave NZ and go back to France to continue to get people to discover wines, this time from another region. 



Back from Marlborough in March 2011, she starts in Exports for the prestigious Maison M. Chapoutier, in Northern Rhône, in charge of the UK, Scandinavia and South Pacific markets indeed. As years go by, she gets the responsibility of more markets. In 2015, Michel Chapoutier offers her the sales direction of the group, a mission she is thrilled to lead through its constant challenges and its richness, and for which she works hard with this mentor who is as demanding as he is passionate and fascinating.   

In 2016, with her husband Arnaud (the Belgian guy from NZ), they start planting their own vineyards, at night after their work and during week-ends, between two baby nappies and purees. As a matter of fact, Arnaud aspires to start his own winery in few years. Enthusiast and with the idea in mind to support young vine growers of the Rhône valley, Michel Chapoutier suggests to Nelly France to start a business together with a short range of négoce wines. This constitutes a true help to their installation as wine growers. For her who had never thought about leaving the grand Maison M. Chapoutier, she was given proper wings to settle her own winery. And that's how the wines you are about to discover throughout this website and in your glasses were born!