Her wines resemble her and gather both the character and fruit of Rhône and Languedoc wines,

while distinctly keeping freshness and supple tannins. 


Her wines are 'Négoce' wines. No reason to hide from it: this means that the wines are produced by wineries who sell a part of their wines to Nelly France. All the work consists in choosing rigorously these wines, finding the finest qualities, following  pre-determined profiles of wines. Then comes the time to blend enabling the different chosen wines to give the best of themselves and participate to the balance


By working directly with the wineries, Nelly France ensures of the people who work the wines, and their practices.

Négoce isn't a dirty word, specially when it's properly conducted. 



Let's come back the wanted profiles :


It was important to find wines that represent their region and sub-regions.

  1. One of the critical criteria was therefore to have wines that would identify as from the Rhône and Languedoc areas, while staying away from over- extracted and massive profiles.
  2. The second criteria was to find pleasure wines insisting on a luscious fruitiness. But Nelly France was looking for profiles without sweet fruit and therefore rather savoury.
  3. This leads us to the third criteria which is freshness, as without a fresh fruit (picked at optimum ripeness and not too ripe) and a good acidity, the wine might quickly become too heavy.
  4. These criterias should greatly help the "drinkability" rather than the contemplation. We shouldn't be afraid of this term, which isn't contrary to complexity, but essentially points a wine that you enjoy drinking, that doesn't fed you up, and simply calls for another glass.
  5. Finally, the last criteria was getting supple tannins. The idea was to have structured wines, without harshness.    


These different criterias were going to enable to create a range of wines showing both concentration and lightness, fruit and freshness, on a supple structure, each wine clearly representing where it came from and being able to match a meal thanks to its balance.