No, she doesn't like pink... Because defending the land was also a woman's fight, the vikings' Shieldmaiden use to go on the battlefield shield up. A translation as warrior does exist and it could have been the name of this wine, however the term of Shieldmaiden makes even more sense as these women were recognized as such for their bravery and fierceness. The legend even indicates that they were nursing men after battle. Such figureheads or even icons deserved to be reminded.

So like them, challenges and battles don't frighten Nelly France. And even if we're obviously not talking about taking up arms; defending the land, ideas, passions are taken to heart, and are questions of will and determination. 

Like them, this Côtes du Rhône Villages Ste Cécile is powerful and subtil at the same time. It carries fruit, concentration however keeps some delicate aspects through its lightness, freshness, heady red floral characters. What Nelly France loved, was this so well integrated duality, and this beautiful freshness that makes the wine more intangible.  




Keywords : red flowers, power, delicate, freshness


Varieties : Grenache, Syrah

Fermentation and ageing : in stainless steel tank

Nose : blackberry, red flowers, dry herbs, exotic wood

Mouth : blackberry, red flowers, fresh backbone, complex, supple tanins

End of mouth : garrigue

Ageing potential : 3-5 years

Ideal service T° : 14-16°C



For a Shieldmaiden meal, choose a rack of lamb with Provence herbs or prefer the more delicate marjoram. The juiciness of the lamb will accompany the delicate and fresh wine, while the Provence herbs will recall the dry herbs and garrigue aromas in the end of mouth. However, marjoram will be a better choice, as it will free fresher aromas (use it at the end of cooking to avoid any bitterness and to intensify the aromas). It is the sauce accompanying the lamb that will make the link with the wine, the exotic wood aromas and the red flowers, enabling you to also use a dash of badian. Or, to extend the acidity of the wine, dare fresh raspberry, but be careful with how much you use as the balance is then difficult to find.