No, she doesn't like pink... With Arnaud, what they like is to enjoy fine dishes like sweetbreads with black trumpets or morels, or rustic dishes like a duck confit. Like these grand feasts once, they love large tables and taking the time. The time to think about the menu, to choose the wines that will match best, then the time to simmer, to stew, to grill, to decant, to aerate and finally to enjoy and share a good moment of pleasure at the table. 

FESTIN D'ARNAUD, CÔTES DU RHÔNE 2016, grenache syrah


Keywords: spices, black fruits, supple tanins


Varieties : Grenache, Syrah

Fermentation and ageing : in stainless steel tank

Nose : fruits, spices, liquorice

Mouth : black and red fruits, violet. Supple tanins, nice balance. 

End of mouth : spices

Ageing potential : 3-4 years, pleasure wine to drink on its freshness

Ideal service T° : 14°-16°C



For a true Arnaud's Feast, 'bavette' (flank) seared or grilled on wood fire, shallots and summer veggies, garlic and herbs. We play here on the black and red fruits, and the juiciness of the meat (to cook rare or blue).  Grilling it on wood fire would support the spicy and structure sides of the wine. The shallots, garlic and herbs will underline the spicy and full bodied sides of the wine. Indeed a rib-eye steak would work perfectly as well!